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We will continue to fulfill internet orders although delivery times will be longer. The retail store is NOW OPEN THURSDAY 10AM TO 4PM
We will continue to fulfill internet orders although delivery times will be longer. The retail store is NOW OPEN THURSDAY 10AM TO 4PM

2 Garden products we recommend

Being a Stihl, Husqvarna and Gardena dealer for many years we have a great insight into what are the best selling products from these brands.

But that doesn't mean the product is good it might just be cheap and therefore easy to sell...  Customers who bought these products have actually made a point or letting us know how happy they were. 

So in no particular order, the first product we would like to bring your attention too is the Stihl MSA 120 C-B Chainsaw. This little chainsaw is perfect for garden maintenance such as pruning apple trees and cutting up firewood. The reason its made our list is a long-standing customer who would have previously always bought a petrol chainsaw came to us asking for a lighter chainsaw. He wanted something which was easier to handle which he could use to cut firewood.  We mentioned the word battery and he said no! With a little more talking he took are advice and purchased the Stilh battery chainsaw. Two weeks later on the phone, he's telling us what a great chainsaw this is and perfect for his needs. This won't replace a large petrol chainsaw but when using as specified around the garden and for firewood its a fantastic product. 

The next product is a Gardena Hose trolley with hose and fittings from the Aquaroll range. We have sold many different hose trolleys over the years from lots of different brands. This Gardena hose trolley has always been the best performer from our perspective and it has stood the test of time. Gardena is a brand which offers the quality we want and at the right price.

We have included this on our list due to a friend asking us for a good quality hose trolley and hose. We recommended Gardena and provided a price, too much money was the quick response. So we talked and they were looking at a similar product which was around £10 cheaper. We explained the rigorous testing that Gardena put their products through to ensure they have a long-lasting product and that the value was worth much more than £10. Things went quiet for a week and they had bought the cheaper option.

But as we know and see all the time, those cheap fittings leak the cheap hose is damaged by frost and the fact is it becomes ready for the tip in no time. So when we had the call about 12 months later asking for the hose reel we recommend we didn't need to ask what happened to the one they bought before. They have now owned a Gardena hose trolley for 6-7 years and it's still going strong.



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