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Build Your Own Hose Trolley Set Up

Having a quality hose trolley set up will make all of your watering tasks more pleasurable. Finding out what fittings you need  to connect up your hose reel can be a little complicated so this page should help you find what you need. Below are the 6 main components you need for your watering set up . In the order from the tap you will need them.
  1. Tap connector
  2. Connection lead-for connecting your tap to the hose reel
  3. Hose 
  4. Hose trolley
  5. Hose connectors
  6. Nozzle or spray gun

Scroll down the page and select a product from each section

Tap connection

Below is almost every option you could have in tap connectors. The most common outside tap size is 3/4". If you need help identifying the size view our tap size guide

Connection Hose

ok, to connect your hose from the tap to the trolley you will need a connection hose. You can buy a ready made connection hose like the ones below or you can make one up your self.

Garden Hose

Select your desired length and quality of hose. Need more Information on the differences in garden hose then take a look at our types of hose blog

Hose Trolley

Keeping your hose tidy and secure is your hose trolley. Choose the correct size and then look at features you might need. Hose guides are fitted on larger trolleys which greatly assist in keeping your hose tidy while you reel it onto the trolley.

Garden Hose Fittings and Connectors

So the most necessary hose fittings you need to complete your hose reel set up is a hose connector and a water stop. Hose connector attaches your hose to the trolley and the water stop is fitted to he end of the hose so you can attach a spay gun etc.

Spray guns or nozzles to fit your hose pipe

Your watering set up wouldn't be complete until you add a spray gun or nozzle onto the end of your hose. take a look below at our range.