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We will continue to fulfill internet orders although delivery times will be longer. The retail store is closed.
We will continue to fulfill internet orders although delivery times will be longer. The retail store is closed.

Gardena Programming Unit

by Gardena
SKU 1242-20


Programming made easy

The GARDENA Programming Unit serves the automatic control of Irrigation Control Systems or larger Sprinklersystems, and is therefore ideally suited for use in areas without power connection. It is ideally suited for when the water quantity is insufficient for simultaneously operating the entire system – comprising several irrigation systems. Also with varying water requirements of individual plant areas, the GARDENA Programming Unit controls the individual watering intervals per pipe and thereby allows individual and optimal irrigation.
The GARDENA Programming Unit serves the programming of the GARDENA Controller.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 1242-20
EAN-Code: 4078500124201
Energy supply 1 x 9 V alkaline battery 6LR61 (not included)
Irrigation settings
Watering cycles per day 6
Watering duration 0 h 1 min - 9 h 59 min
Watering frequency Selection of individual watering days




Automatic and time-saving irrigation

With the GARDENA Programming Unit together with the GARDENA Controller and Irrigation Valves 9 V, your garden will be reliably and conveniently irrigated – even when you are not home. You win more free time and have a lush, green garden and beautiful, healthy plants.


Cable-free control

Especially when there is no power connection, this solution comes into use. The Irrigation Control System is cable-free, the data is transferred after connection to the valve by pressing a button. No cable connection between the Programming Unit and the valve is necessary.


Can be flexibly extended

Per GARDENA Programming Unit, any number of Irrigation Valves or Controllers can be connected.

Multifarious irrigation options

Per valve, up to six watering activities can be selected per day. The watering days are individually selectable; the watering duration can be flexibly set per valve or controller between one minute and 9 hours 59 minutes.