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Gardena smart Irrigation Control 24 V

by Gardena
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  • The smart Irrigation Control 24 V allows control over  the water supply to multiple areas via the smart App on a mobile phone. 
  • The irrigation Control has a 24v output to supply power to up to six Gardena irrigation valves 1278-20
  • Valves can be connected via 7 core Gardena cable 1280-20 and using special Gardena waterproof Cable Clip connectors 1282-20
  • An installed smart Gateway, connected to the internet via a standard household router, is required to allow the phone app to communicate with it.
  • A household 240 volt mains socket is required to plug in the power transformer which powers the unit. 
  • Gardena Article Number: 19032-28


SKU 19032-28