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Gardena Smart Sensor Control 24 V Set

by Gardena
SKU 19109-20


smart Irrigation Control of up to six irrigation zones

GARDENA smart Irrigation Control allows flexible control of up to six separate irrigation zones with the system’s smart App, for example in the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System or Sprinklersystem. The system enables individual watering intervals to be regulated to also ensure optimal irrigation of planting areas that have different water requirements. In connection with a GARDENA smart Sensor, unnecessary watering is prevented for optimal water management. The smart Gateway ensures central networking, which creates an Internet connection using an existing router. In this way, it acts as the core of the smart system to permit cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices in the garden and the GARDENA smart App.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 19109-20
EAN-Code: 4078500031660




Upgrade your existing irrigation system

Most available irrigation valves 24 V can be controlled with the GARDENA smart Irrigation Control. By only replacing the control unit, one can switch common irrigation systems– if they are from GARDENA or other brands – into a completely app controlled system.


Automatic and time-saving irrigation

The GARDENA smart Irrigation Control reliably and conveniently waters the entire garden. Up to 6 irrigation valves of 24 V can be connected, which means that up to six separate irrigation zones can be managed.


Sensor for needs-based water supply

The smart Sensor measures soil humidity, temperature and light intensity right in your garden and transmits these measurement values to the GARDENA smart App. As a result, the watering times can be determined – to improve water supply economy during watering.


Controllable via app

Using the free GARDENA smart App for iOS, Android and Web, you always have your garden under control, wherever your location. GARDENA smart Irrigation Control can be controlled via smart App. A separate watering program can be accessed for each irrigation zone. The watering days and cycles can be individually selected and the watering duration can be flexibly adjusted.


Ideal for outdoor use

GARDENA smart Irrigation Control is splash-proof in compliance with protection class IP X4 and thus suited for outdoor installation.


Secure Connection

The smart Gateway enables cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices and the GARDENA smart App. The stable and secure connection takes place using especially powerful radio technology. Two integrated high-performance antennas ensure a stable and secure connection even over extensive ranges.