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Walk-in retail sales by appointment only. Email: or Tel: 01594 841014
Walk-in retail sales by appointment only. Email: or Tel: 01594 841014

Sprinkler Hose

by Gardena
SKU 1998-20


Fine spray for fragile plants

The GARDENA Sprinkler Hose is one of the easiest and quickest ways to  water beds, borders and narrow areas of grass. A sprinkler hose is essentially a flat hose with lots of tiny holes in it. You lay in out in the required area and then connect to the water source whether that is a garden tap or a hose reel. The holes are very small and evenly spaced providing even coverage along the whole length. The fine water jets are very small so wont damage any fragile plants. 
Technical Specifications
Article No. 1998-20
EAN-Code: 4078500199803
Hose length 15 m



10 year warranty_web only

The 10-year warranty ensures high quality

* For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.


Ideal for beds, borders and narrow areas

Thanks to the fine spray, beds, borders and narrow areas in the garden can be easily, conveniently and precisely watered.

Made in Germany_web

Top product quality

GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation.


Gentle on plants

The fine spray gently waters fragile plants without damaging them.


Garden device with system character

The GARDENA Sprinkler Hose is equipped ready-to-connect with Original GARDENA System Fittings for a wide, versatile connection programme.


Easy adjustment

The GARDENA Sprinkler Hose can be individually shortened by cutting and assembly of connection fittings, or extendable via Connection Set art. no. 5316 – for easy and individual adjustment.


Green, brown or orange

The Sprinkler Hose is available in various colours. You have the choice whether your Sprinkler Hose should be inconspicuously brown or green in the bed or lawn, or whether it should be clearly visible with the signal colour orange.