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Gardena Countur Mat

by Gardena
SKU 508-20


Mat for use when doing trimming and topiary work on boxwood and other topiary plants.

Using the GARDENA Topiary Trimming Mat, you can clean up easily after topiary work on boxwoods and other topiary plants. The mat is simply laid around the pot or trunk. This protects the subsurface. The cuttings are collected and can then be quickly and easily disposed of. The Topiary Trimming Mat consists of water repellent textile fabric, is easy to clean and can be folded up to save space after use.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 00508-20
EAN-Code: 4078500046268




Keeping things clean

The cuttings fall onto the mat. It is no longer necessary to laboriously pick the cuttings off the ground, out of soil in plant beds or out of rock gardens.


Easy to use

The Topiary Trimming Mat consists of water repellent textile fabric and is easy to clean. After use, the mat can be folded up to save space.


Wide range of applications

The collar is individually adjustable and can thus be adapted to different pot or trunk diameters.


Easy to clean and to empty

The four carrying handles make cleaning and emptying easier.