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Gardena Pop-Up Oscillating Sprinkler OS140

by Gardena
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Gardena Pop-Up Oscillating Sprinkler OS140

Permanent irrigation of square and rectangular areas

The GARDENA Pop-up Oscillating Sprinkler OS 140 – permanently installed inground – is ideal for irrigating square and rectangular lawn areas. The water flow is infinitely adjustable. Thanks to the variable setting options, even the smallest areas and narrow garden spots can be irrigated.
To connect the Os 140 to your system you will need GARDENA T-piece 25 mm x 3/4" male thread if you want to add the sprinkler to the end of the 25mm connecting pipe.
If you want to add the Os 140 sprinkler in-line then you will need GARDENA L-piece 25 mm x 3/4" male thread 
Technical Specifications
Article No. 8223-20
EAN-Code: 4078500049528
Area coverage min 2 m²
Area coverage max 140 m²
Range of Spray (m) 2 m - 15 m
Rectangle max Length 9.5 m
Rectangle max Width 15 m
Thread 3/4" female thread



Practical for rectangular areas

Square or rectangular areas between 2 and 140 m² can be irrigated easily and conveniently. Where several circular sprinklers and pipes would have needed to be installed now one sprinkler is sufficient for lawn areas up to 140 m². The Pop-up Oscillating Sprinkler OS 140 is also suitable for especially small and narrow areas.

Convenient through permanent installation

Simply install and irrigate conveniently. With a Drain Valve (Art. No. 2760) installed in the pipeline, the system is frost-proof.

Even irrigation

16 flexible precision nozzles made of soft plastic ensure an especially even water distribution and reliable operation.

With dirt filter

When regularly cleaned, an integrated, fine-mesh dirt filter ensures uninterrupted operation.