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MSA 60 C-B (AK) Chainsaw (No Battery/Charger)

by Stihl
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SKU MA04 011 5800

The MSA 60 C-B stands out as a lightweight and efficient battery-powered chainsaw, ideal for tasks such as firewood cutting and garden cleanup. As a member of the STIHL AK System, it employs interchangeable AK batteries, facilitating compatibility with other tools within the system.

This chainsaw boasts a quiet and user-friendly operation, incorporating practical features like Quick Chain Tensioning for tool-free chain tightening, the Ematic chain lubrication system for up to 50% less chain oil usage, and the QuickStop Super chain brake. Additionally, it features a transparent oil tank for enhanced visibility of the chainsaw's oil level, coupled with a sleek new design.

With outstanding cutting performance and minimal vibrations, the MSA 60 offers an impressive battery working time of up to 40 minutes when equipped with the recommended AK 20 battery. This translates to approximately 120 cuts in 10 x 10cm timber.

Whether you're tackling firewood or tidying up the garden, the MSA 60 C-B ensures a productive and efficient experience. And with run times of up to 40 minutes on the recommended AK 20 battery and up to 55 minutes on the AK 30 battery, you'll have your log store stocked in no time!


Energy-Efficient Electric Motor: The STIHL electric motor stands out for its remarkable energy efficiency, lightweight build, and compact design. Operating quietly with minimal vibrations, it ensures a user-friendly experience.

Innovative Chain Lubrication System: The STIHL Ematic chain lubrication system, an innovation in chainsaw technology, ensures optimal lubrication for smooth operation. This system significantly reduces oil consumption compared to other chainsaws, boasting up to a 50% reduction in oil usage.

Quick Chain Tensioning: Featuring the convenient Quick Chain Tensioning system, this chainsaw simplifies the chain tensioning process without requiring any tools. With the release of the sprocket cover and a simple turn of the thumb wheel, users can effortlessly loosen or tighten the chain.

Transparent Chain Oil Tank: The chainsaw comes equipped with a transparent oil tank on the side, allowing users to easily monitor the chain oil level.

QuickStop Super Chain Brake (Q): A safety-focused feature from STIHL, the QuickStop Super Chain Brake ensures additional protection for users. The chain halts operation either when the front hand guard is engaged or when the rear handle is released.

Designed for Comfort: Designed with user comfort in mind, the chainsaw features a soft-grip rear handle and an ergonomic design, providing a comfortable and stable grip during operation.


  • Q: How long does the battery last? A: The recommended AK 20 battery provides up to 40 minutes of runtime in the MSA 60, depending on the cutting task.

  • Q: How long does it take to charge? A: Using the AL 101 charger, the recommended AK 20 battery requires 180 minutes for a full charge or 135 minutes to reach 80% capacity.

  • Q: What battery does it use? A: The tool is powered by a 36V Lithium-Ion battery.

  • Q: Are the batteries interchangeable? A: Yes, the batteries are interchangeable within the AK System but not with AS System or AP System tools.

  • Q: How long is the guide bar on the MSA 60 C-B? A: The guide bar on the MSA 60 C-B is 30cm long.