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Hose pipe for a smaller garden or balcony, what should you buy?

Hose pipe for a smaller garden or balcony, what should you buy?

Gardena has designed watering hose solutions which are made for smaller areas such as balconies, terraces and smaller gardens. Gardena have grouped these products together under there city gardening range. Hozelock has also created a few short hose solutions.

The shortest hose they offer is 7.5m. This set comes with a sprayer, connectors and also with a bracket which attaches under the tap for neater storage. Terrace Spiral Hose 7.5m

Small Garden hose 7.5m

Need something slightly longer then there are a few options with a 10m hose. 

The Spiral hose which coils back automatically is especially useful when you have a number of plants to water and need to move around between different pots etc. This hose would normally be detached when not in use. Its length is 10m but its usable length is more like 7m.


If you wanted a hose reel with all the normal features but you need it to be more compact, then the hose reel set 10 is the one for you.


If your looking for the smallest hose reel then the micro reel from Hozelock is going to be the best option. Ideal for caravanning where space saving is always very important. 10m hose and fittings included.

If you want a tough, light and easy to transport short hose then the Gardena Liano life could be a good fit for you. Its a textile hose which is similar to the material a seat belt is made from, this make its very durable but also non marking. For storage you can easily bundle up the hose and place it on a shelf or into a bag without it springing apart like a traditional PVC hose.

The most permanent solution is the automatic 15m hose box which provides automation to make the watering task easier. The 15m hose automatically retracts back when not in use. 


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