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Robotic Lawn Mowing FAQ

We've gathered a list of frequently asked questions regarding robotic lawn mowers:

Robotic Lawn Mower Costs

Servicing costs

The pricing for servicing your robotic lawn mower varies based on its specific model. As a general estimate, maintenance typically falls within the range of £155 to £200. For precise details regarding servicing, please refer to our dedicated servicing page for comprehensive information. Throughout the warranty period, any issues arising from warranty-related part failures are covered at no additional charge (FOC). However, beyond the warranty duration, replacement parts will incur extra costs.

Repair costs

Unfortunately, there isn't a single fixed price that applies universally. However, for a general overview, our labor charges stand at £30 per half hour. Simple repairs typically take around 30 minutes to complete. For more complex repairs involving components like circuit boards, batteries, motors, etc., the usual duration is around one hour. It's important to note that all repairs covered under warranty are performed at no cost to you.

Installation costs

The cost of installation primarily depends on two key factors: the size of the lawn and its complexity.

For DIY installation, kits are available ranging from £100 to £250. It's essential to note that larger lawns might require additional materials. Thus, we recommend self-installation primarily for individuals with smaller lawns. Best approach is to get in touch with us tailored for advice.

Professional installation on smaller lawns less than a tennis court in size are around £200-£300.

Medium Lawns £300 - £400

Large lawns £500 - £600.

Please be aware that these figures serve as estimates to provide a general understanding. A larger but straightforward lawn might cost less to install compared to a smaller yet intricate one. At our company, we prioritise trustworthiness. We can always provide you you an exact quote. Opting for professional installation ensures peace of mind and support. Additionally, professional installation can also benefit your warranty period.

Effect On My Lawn

What happens to leaves

Based on our experience with Husqvarna Automowers, leaves typically aren't problematic. The robot mows over them, making small cuts in the leaves. Our recommendation is to handle the leaves as you did prior to having a robotic lawn mower—either pick them up or rake them away.

Will Apples break my robot mower

One or two apples won't cause any trouble for a robotic lawn mower. They won't harm the machine, and at most, you might just hear them being cut by the mower's blades. However, if many apples fall simultaneously, as often happens, it can become problematic. Clusters of fallen apples might cause your robot mower to get stuck. To avoid this, regularly remove the apples or consider placing a physical or virtual barrier during the months when fruit tends to fall.

What will the grass look like after being cut by a robot.

According to both our assessment and the feedback from our customers, your lawn will appear exceptionally well-kept. The cut is consistently even, delivering a remarkably tidy and polished finish.

Robotic Mowing Problems

Will your robot run over objects left on the lawn

Objects which are below the chassis can be run over, roughly anything under 10cm. If you have a Husqvarna Automower or another brand of robotic mower which has blades which pivot then its less likely to damage your robot. Certain models do have object avoidance to help resolve this issue.

Are robotic lawn mowers dangerous?

Similar to other automated machinery, there are inherent dangers, albeit with numerous safety systems and measures implemented to mitigate them. A primary concern often raised pertains to the blades employed by the robot mower for cutting grass. Positioned underneath the robot, lifting the mower while in operation would necessitate a deliberate action from a person. Although such actions are unlikely, there is always a potential risk. To address this, Husqvarna Automowers incorporate a safety tilt sensor that activates immediately when the robot mower is lifted, halting the blades' rotation.

Robot Mower Getting stuck

If the installation is done properly, such incidents should be avoided. However, external factors, such as a large branch fallen on the lawn or a hole dug by an animal, can potentially cause the robot mower to get stuck. In such cases, most modern machines will send notifications to your phone, alerting you to the issue. You would then need to manually intervene and free the mower from the obstruction.

Where Can Robot Lawn Mowers Work

Will it work on uneven lawns

Thanks to its large driving wheels, the Husqvarna Automower efficiently manages uneven lawn surfaces and handles inclines of up to 50% (27°) without causing damage like conventional mowers. It adeptly navigates slopes without scalp marks. However, it's advisable to fill small deep holes on the terrain before initiating mowing to prevent potential instances of the mower getting stuck. For even tougher terrains or steeper slopes, Husqvarna offers an AWD Automower with a capability of handling up to 70% (35°) inclines.

What is the biggest area a robotic lawn mowers can cut?

The possibilities are nearly boundless since you can deploy multiple robots to collaborate on the same lawn. However, focusing on the coverage of a single robot, Husqvarna offers a model capable of maintaining lawns or playing fields up to 50,000 m². This expansive coverage essentially ensures that no one has a lawn too large for a robotic mower to effectively operate.