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Walk-in retail sales by appointment only. Email: or Tel: 01594 841014
Walk-in retail sales by appointment only. Email: or Tel: 01594 841014

Robot lawn mowers

High-quality robotic lawnmowers from Gardena. Perfect for maintaining your lawn hassle-free all year round. One of the best products we sell and they always exceed our customer's expectations. Suitable for small and medium sized lawns. If you have a larger lawn to cut we also supply Husqvarna Automowers with installation services throughout the South West UK.  Have a look at the numerous case studies on our partner site

Mincost offer the best robotic lawn mower brands. Gardena Sileno, Gardena minimo and the Husqvarna Automower. Robotic lawn mowers cut your lawn automatically everyday and even when your away rain or shine.

  • Both require a boundary wire to be installed around the perimeter, this defines the mowing area.
  • They return back to a charging station when they need to recharge.
  • No grass clippings to dispose of, they are so small the clippings filter down between the blades of grass and help to fertilise your lawn.
  • Another benefit is they are very quiet and will operate without disturbing the neighbours. So quiet that they even sneak up on you sometimes !!

Your lawn will have a more uniform carpet like look within 10 days and you will never need to manually mow your lawn again.

Need help in choosing the most suitable model then please get in touch, we have years of experience selling robotic lawn mowers and are more than happy to help you.


More time to enjoy your garden while your robotic lawn mower does some of the work for you is a reality for lots of people already.