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How does a retractable hose reel work?

How does a retractable hose reel work?

A retractable hose reel works by using a spring inside the hose box which is wound as you pull out the hose and then released when you want the hose to return back into the hose box. In general the retractable hose reels also have locking points every 50cm roughly, this is so you can use the hose without it pulling against you. After use a short pull on the hose allows the hose to return back into the hose box.

Better quality retractable hoses have controlled re-winding and Gardena have developed a system called RollControl. This means when you allow the hose to retract back into the hose box, it doesn't return uncontrollably fast, instead the hose retracts smoothly and safely.

Inside a retractable hose

Gardena wall mounted hose reels are ready to use and come with frost and UV protection and backed up by Gardena's 5 year Warranty. Take a look at our short 7 step guide to installing your wall mounted hose reel.





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