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How to set up a garden pop up sprinkler system.

How to set up a garden pop up sprinkler system.

Our quick guide to setting up a pop up sprinkler system

Setting up a garden pop up sprinkler system takes a bit of planning and work. But once in place it becomes a great asset to your garden.

So to start from the tap you will need the Profi Maxiflow system connection set . This helps to provide maximum water flow to the sprinkler system.

This connects into the gardena connecting point in the ground.
From the connecting point you will need a series of pop up sprinklers and any accessories you might want to add, these are connected together with connectors and 25mm connecting pipe. 
When buying your sprinklers and fittings make sure you have the thread sizes which fit together.For example if your sprinkler has a 3/4" Female thread then the connector you use to attach the sprinkler to the pipe will need to a 3/4" Male thread. 
at the lowest point in your pop up sprinkler system you should also install a drain valve in a pack of washed gravel. This will allow the water to drain when the sprinkler system is turned off and help prevent frost damage.


You can also automate your sprinkler system by connecting a digital water computer to the tap. 

Mincost's Number one tip for installing a sprinkler system is to assemble above ground first, this way you can check all connections and make sure everything is working before burying. 

If you need some help designing and planning your pop up sprinkler system you can use the Garden planner With this tool you can design your garden and then the tool will automatically lay out the sprinklers and pipes required. The option to manually adjust things as you wish is also possible and then once you are finished the tool provides you with a list on items required to complete the installation. 

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