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What is a Stihl AP Or AK Battery?

What is a Stihl AP Or AK Battery?

Stihl have been developing their cordless battery tool offering for over 10 years  and its has now grown into multiple ranges.

The two main rangers with interchangeable batteries are called the AK System formally known as the (compact range) and the AP System.

The AK System is a range of cordless battery garden tools designed and made for people with small to medium sized gardens. The AP System is design to be more durable and is better suited to people with larger gardens or professional users.

An AK battery is a battery that fits any of the tools in the AK System and the AP battery will fit any of the tools in the AP system. Before purchasing a battery garden tool its worthwhile looking through the ranges careful and thinking ahead to what else you might need in the future. This way you get the benefit of your battery working in multiple tools. 

Unfortunately the AP and AK batteries are not interchangeable although you can use the same chargers. (AL101, AL300 will work with AK and AP batteries)

Another important difference between the  AP system an the AK system is the AP system is rated IPX4 splash proof, it can be used in the rain. Stihl advise that you don't use cordless tools from the AK system in the rain.



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John - January 11, 2022

I am an engineering designer and inventor. When we moved to near Blakeney, Gloucestershire about 24 years ago, I was really pleased to find Mincost, only about 5 miles away.

I am constantly recommending them to friends and have bought many items over the years from small items such as drill bits, to more expensive items, like robot mowers and several Stihl battery operated devices. They are ideal for me, as I get older – 84 – and items such as petrol strimmers, I find are much harder to start. So, now I have a Stihl chain saw, hedge trimmer and strimmer, all working off 2 x AK 20 batteries. I have 2 so that I can be using one while charging the other. They are perfect, for me.

I have always found Mincost an excellent place, with helpful and courteous staff. In my view, such places are worth their weight in gold. I, and my wife, both will have nothing to do with Amazon. But it is becoming more a more serious as more and more people give in to Amazon. Price is not everything, but small, good shops are everything.

Sadly, I find most people don’t think too much about about a nastier world, taken over more and more by huge businesses that have no morals. Be sure, their prices will go up when they have eliminated the competition., and most of them give no service at all.

Anyway, on the matter prices, I have never found fault with Mincost and I will stick with them. I cannot rate them highly enough.

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