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Cable Tracker- wire break finder

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This cable tracker will help you to find a break in the robot lawn mowers boundary wire.

The tool allows you to send a tone down the wire, which you can pick up with the receiver.

First, unplug the wires at the back of the charging station.  You can then attach one of the crocodile clips to the boundary wire. You will need to expose a small bit of the copper wire. Then the other crocodile clip needs to be earthed. (you can use a small wire nail or metal object to do this. 

Turn on the tone and move along the wire with the receiver, you will need to expose the wire from the earth and touch it with the receiver. If you can hear a tone then you know the wire is intact back to the changing station. Keep moving along the wire and testing.

Once you have found no tone then you can work your way back to the break.

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