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Electric Fence Energisers

Hotline electric fence energizers for mains, battery, or dual voltage input. 

An electric fence energizer is supplied with power from the mains, a battery
or a rechargeable battery.  Some also have a solar panel to maintain the battery charge level.

When the device is earthed and connected to a fence, your circuit is not complete.  If an animal now touches the fence, the electric circuit is completed and the current flows from the fence through the animal to the ground.  This causes a harmless shock sensation on the skin of the animal.

Hotline and Horizont energizers are very efficient; the device emits short pulses of current that flow along the pasture fence and this energy remains unused if there is no animal contact or discharge through leakage. The pulse duration is only 0.1 to 0.3 thousandths of a second and the pulse spacing is between 1.15 and 2.0 seconds and this allows a small current to flow through the skin but without causing injury to the animal.

Each animal has special characteristics and reacts differently to the current pulse.
The sensitivity or coat of the animals is an important factor for selecting the correct energizer.  A pig's nose for instance, is extremely sensitive when compared to the fleece of a sheep. 

  • Battery energizers are extremely portable and suited to small to medium-sized fence lines. They can run off a standard rechargeable lead acid battery or single use battery that can be accommodated within the energizer.
  • Mains energizers are for more permanent and larger fence lines where greater power is required. They can cope with greater loads caused by larger distances or inefficiencies along the circuit where foliage is touching the fence. 

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