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Electric Fence Insulators

To ensure your fence line is held securely in place without power leaking you will need to use good quality electric fence insulators.  Our range includes high quality Horizont insulators for tape, rope, twine and wire.

A sufficiently high voltage is a required for safe animal husbandry and insulators should have a very high insulating capacity at these high voltages as they insulate the conductor material against the fencepost and earth. It is essential that the high voltage of your electric fence system is not allowed to "leak" to the ground via routes such as a wet fence post.

The Horizont range carries insulators for tapes, ropes, polywires and wires. There are also insulators that can carry more than one conductor material. These combined insulators allow you to install tape, rope or polywire in just one insulator.

Always use the appropriate insulator for your conductor material.  Please refer to the product description to ensure that the insulators you select are suitable. You may otherwise damage the conductor material and risk the safety of the fence system.  

Free-running or clamped:

The conductor material should be fixed in exposed runs where strong wind can occur. It can be fastened by closing the insulator clamp, or with a screw.  This avoids the problem of long runs of loose tape/polywire billowing in the wind.

Insulators that allow free-running of the conductor material are ideal for stable corner posts or as line / guide insulators. The advantage is that the conductor material can be stretched over long distances because it can move freely in the insulator.  This will save you from the job of constantly adjusting the conductor tension on each individual insulator.

Screw in:
If insulators are to be fastened in wood, plastic or on stone walls, use insulators that can be screwed in.  The Horizont range carries special insulators with a unique screw thread for screwing into wood posts. This special thread prevents splintering and the time consuming process of pre-drilling or countersinking is not necessary.  

There are also insulators that can be nailed or fastened with special staples or screws that are best attached to wood posts.  Quick and easy.

Threaded for bolting: 

Insulators with separate metric thread, can, in addition to materials such as wood, plastic or stone, also be easily attached to drillable materials such as metal.  A secure fixing is possible with this method.

Strain insulators:

Strain insulators are used at the beginning and end of a fence section or in corners. They are particularly suitable for ropes up to 8mm


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