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We Install Robotic Lawn Mowers

We Install Robotic Lawn Mowers

If you have a large garden or feel uncertain about handling the installation yourself, please don't hesitate to reach out. Installing in and around postcodes GL,BS,NP,HR,BA,SN

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Husqvarna Robot Mower Automower 430X NERA

Original price £3,509.00 - Original price £3,509.00
Original price £3,509.00
£3,509.00 - £3,509.00
Current price £3,509.00
SKU 970 53 52-03
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One of the latest editions to the Husqvarna Automower Range. The 430x Nera is another excellent example of why Husqvarna Automowers are the best premium choice in robotic lawn mowing. 

Husqvarna has made improvements on its predecessor, the 430x, which was also a very good machine. 

This 430x Nera can maintain areas up to 3200m² without human interaction. Once installed, set up the mowing schedule and allow the Automower to cut and maintain your lawn. All Automowers will return to charge automatically. 

Installation can either be a physical boundary wire laid around your lawn or use the EPOS Kit to make the installation wireless. Please get in touch for advice on installation.


  • Wire free installation available

 By using the intelligent Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in kit, you can create virtual boundaries through satellite-based technology, rather than relying on physical wires. This enables you to achieve a completely customizable lawn maintenance experience.

  • Automower® Zone Control

In the Automower® Connect app, you can create both work areas and temporary stay-out zones without needing to modify the installation. This provides you with greater control to define various work areas of your lawn and apply distinct schedules and cutting heights to each area. Additionally, you can create stay-out zones to prevent the robotic mower from mowing in certain areas, giving you more control over the mowing process.

  • Object Detection & Avoidance

The mower is equipped with built-in radar technology that helps it detect and avoid objects, thereby minimizing the risk of unplanned stops. The detection mode is designed to reduce speed and make collisions softer, while the avoidance mode causes the mower to turn away and avoid impact altogether.

  • Automower® Connect app

Experience the convenience of complete control from your smartphone with the Husqvarna Automower® Connect app. From one end of your lawn to the other, you can manage and monitor your Husqvarna robotic mower. With Automower® Connect, you can make lawn care as effortless as possible. Depending on the model, you can enjoy cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth® connectivity offers up to 30 meters of range, while Wi-Fi connectivity allows for coverage from anywhere in the world as long as the mower is connected to Wi-Fi. Cellular communication provides coverage from anywhere in the world and comes with a 10-year mobile data contract*. However, the included Automower® Connect 10-year contract is only valid if there is sufficient third-party mobile coverage in your area.

  • GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED

The Husqvarna Automower® comes with an onboard GPS system that creates a map of your garden, highlighting the installation areas of the boundary and guide wires. As the mower progresses, it registers which areas of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This ensures optimized lawn coverage and guarantees an excellent cutting result.

  • Husqvarna AIM Technology (Automower® Intelligent Mapping)

 The Husqvarna AIM Technology leverages the onboard GPS and sensors on your robotic mower to create a virtual map of your lawn, enabling a range of smart Automower® features. The virtual map, along with the boundary and guide wires, is visible in the Automower® Connect app. With AIM Technology, you can use the app to create work areas with different cutting heights and schedules or stay-out zones for personalized zone control. Additionally, you can track the Automower® in real-time via Automower® Connect.

  • Smart Home integration

Husqvarna Automower® models equipped with cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This integration enables you to execute the most common voice commands, including start, stop, park, and get status updates from your mower, simply by asking your voice assistant. You can also use it in IFTTT routines and more. With Automower® Connect, you can integrate your robotic mower with your Gardena Smart System and synchronize mowing and watering schedules.

  • Smart Connections with IFTTT

You can integrate your Automower® even further into your smart home by incorporating it into IFTTT applets. The Automower® Connect app allows you to connect to one of our smart connections, or you can create your own routine with IFTTT. For instance, you may want your mower to park when your kids come home from school or when the weather forecast predicts heavy rain. You can also perfectly synchronize it with the weather. IFTTT ("If This, Then That") is a free and user-friendly tool.

  • Automower® Accessory Port

The Automower® NERA range includes an accessory port that allows you to attach plug-in accessories to the mower, providing additional features and technology. The Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in Kit is one such accessory that offers wire-free installation for customized lawn care.

  • GPS theft protection

Products equipped with GPS tracking immediately begin tracking the mowers GPS position and send notifications to your device via the Automower Connect® app. Minimising the risk of theft and letting you know where your mower is at all times

  • FOTA - Firmware-Over-The-Air

Possibility to make software updates automatically, over the air, via the Automower® Connect app to enable new features and updates.

  • Systematic Passage Mowing
  • Frost guard
  • Spiral cutting
  • Electric cutting height adjustment 
  • Easy cleaning




with EPOS accessory
Art no: 970 53 52‑55

Working area capacity (±20) 3,200 m²

Maximum slope performance at boundary25 %

Maximum slope performance inside installation50 %

Max active time 24 h

Search system EPOS guidance

Follow guide Virtual transport path

Charging system Automatic

Overall dimensions Weight14.6 kg

Product size length 75 cm

Product size width 54 cm

Product size height 28 cm

Colour Grey

Sound level perceived 56 dB(A)

Protection index (IP Code) IPX5

Battery typeLithium Ion

Battery capacity 5 Ah

Charging current 4.2 A

Typical mow time on one charge 145 min

Typical charging time 40 min

Mean energy consumption at maximum use 10 kWh

Mean energy consumption at maximum use 3,200 m²

Cutting SystemCutting system 3 pivoting razor blades

Cutting height max 60 mm

Cutting height min 20 mm

Cutting width24 cm

Cutting height adjustment Electric

Skid plate Yes

Dual cutting direction Yes

Control User InterfaceJogwheel, display and status LED:s/AppDisplayColor

Display TFT 2,8” QVGA

Connectivity Bluetooth®, Cellular, Wi-Fi

App controlled Automower® Connect

Smart Home integration Yes

Firmware Update FOTA

GPS Theft tracking Yes

GeoFence Yes

PIN code Yes

Alarm Yes

Lift sensor Yes

Tilt sensor Yes

Object detection radar sensor