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RHS Chelsea Flower Show Offer

GARDENA is the preferred brand for millions of home and garden owners worldwide when it comes to garden care. That is because GARDENA offers a complete range of everything you need for your garden – whether it is watering systems, pumps, lawn care, tree and shrub care, garden tools, or soil cultivation. Today GARDENA is the leading brand for high-quality garden tools in Europe and represented in more than 80 countries all over the world. It takes an emotional approach to address those who regard their own garden as a "living space close to nature" and a place of well-being, recreation, and fun.

Our ReTh!nk pledge is built on the foundation of the Circular R’s: Reduce, Repair, Recycle. This helps us quantify and qualify how sustainable each of our products really is and, in turn, how sustainable your gardening can be. We aim to become the sustainable choice in gardening tools and are already working on a number of new circular innovations to help you make better, more conscious and sustainable decisions.

We want to inspire all passionate gardeners to learn about sustainable gardening practices and how you can contribute to a healthy ecosystem. At GARDENA, we believe now is the time to ReTh!nk.

Gardena Ocean Pot- Made of recycled plastic from land and sea

Receive a FREE Ocean plastic pot with any Gardena Purchase from Mincost.

Add the pot to your basket and enter the code "FREEPOT" at the checkout to get it for free.

IMPORTANT! You will need to have a Gardena product in the basket as well as the ocean pot for the code to work.


100 % Recycled
Made in Scotland
RHS Chelsea Show

2021 Winner


with any Gardena Purchase

Gardena Water Timers

Gardena have a range of water timers for useful pre scheduling your watering. Often paired with the Gardena Drip system or a Gardena sprinkler.

Gardena ClickUp

Useful garden accessories that all fit onto the Gardena click up handle or balcony clamp. This allows you to change which accessories you use depeding on the season.

The full Gardena Range

Full range of Gardena gardening tools


Take a look at the complete Gardena product range

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