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Automower Flat Battery

As a rough guide your Automower's battery should last between 4 and 6 years. Premature battery failure can happen if the battery is exposed to extreme temperatures or if the Automower is left switched on while the not being on the charging station for long periods of time. If you're storing your Automower inside during the winter months, make sure you switch it off. 

Signs the battery has failed:

  • Nothing showing up on the screen. However, check the mower is still switched on.  Some models have a switch on the underside of the Automower body that can be activated by objects such as fallen apples.
  • The Automower goes out and returns to charge almost immediately.
  • The Automower fails to get back to the charging station. (check to make sure the central guides wires are still intact, this can also cause the Automower to hve trouble returning to charge.

View our how to replace your Automower battery guides. 4-series automowers and smaller 3-series Automowers 

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Automower Spares

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Mincost Automower Workshop

Mincost Automower Workshop

If you have a fault on your automower or your machine needs its winter service then we offer our workshop services to anyone in mainland UK.

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