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Automower Charging Station No Loop Signal

 If your Automower has the no loop signal error its most likely going to be a break in the perimeter cable which has been laid around your lawn, your charging station will normally display a blue flashing light if this is the case.

However this isn't always the cause of this error, below is a list of items you need to check. If you have no light or a red light then look through the steps below.

  1. First thing is to check is that your plug socket is switched on and has power.
  2. Check the transformer has not failed. Check the DC output voltage with a multimeter, the correct voltage will be displayed on the transformer.
  3. Make sure there is no visible damage to the low voltage cable between the transformer and the charging station. You can also test the voltage at the end of the cable with a multimeter.
  4. If your sure the transformer and low voltage cable are working to spec then the next item to replace is the circuit board in the charging station.

For Automower spare parts please follow this link

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