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Gardena Leaf Collector Review

Here we have review from a previous customer who has purchased the Gardena leaf Collector. He has also kindly sent us before and after pictures to help other customer see the effectiveness of the leaf collector.

"I am delighted with the quality, price and ease of use of my Gardena Leaf Collector.  In addition, its performance greatly exceeds my expectations.

The section of my lawn pictured before and after leaf collection shows the difference from only one pass with the collector.  

This area used to take me about an hour of very vigorous raking.  Yesterday, my first use of the collector, it took me less than 20 mins and was almost effortless!

Conditions yesterday were quite damp.  This morning, following a heavy shower of rain, I used the collector again and to my surprise and pleasure there was no noticeable reduction in leaf pick-up performance.

I have yet to experiment with different height settings which I expect will produce a performance improvement although I am absolutely delighted with my initial results and wish I’d had one of these machines years ago!  It will partner very well with my Automower 435x."

Before picture.

Picture of the lawn after using the Gardena leaf collector

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