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Benefits of a Micro drip irrigation system

Benefits of a Micro drip irrigation system

Micro Drip irrigation

What is a micro drip irrigation system?... In its most basic terms it is a small pipe that is connected to a water source, such as an outside tap.  Along this pipe you can add different spray nozzles, drip heads, and sprinklers. It enables you to supply individual plants with the correct amount of water and this reduces wastage of water and is also optimal for plant growth.

Below is a list of all the main benefits

  • It is more efficient and therefore saves water and money
  • Once installed you will save time as well
  • You can water directly to the roots with drip heads
  • You can also water under ground
  • You can water at the leaf height with different spray nozzles
  • Watering can take place while you are away
  • You can water a specific times of day with a water computer 
  • You can make your watering system smart with smart watering set.(allows the watering to be automatically adjusted depending on soil moisture, light and temperature.

There are many more benefits but I wanted to cover the ones considered to be most beneficial. Take a look at and buy Gardena micro drip products

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