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The premium gardening gift this Christmas

The premium gardening gift this Christmas

Garden Christmas Presents

Gardena is a premium gardening brand that people wont always treat themselves too, due to the little extra cost. This however it makes it a perfect gift !


Gifts for gardening inside your home

The most universal gift you can give which everyone will need is a water spray bottle.  You can get them at the pound shop but they often leak and the spray is more like a Childs water pistol.  The premium Gardena spray bottle under the city gardening range will be a pleasure to use. Provides a very fine mist and also a hard jet. 

A premium quality set of secateurs are also another universal gift which everyone would use and appreciate. Having a high quality set of secateurs reduces the stress on your hands and makes pruning a more pleasurable experience.

 Gardena have a comprehensive range of high quality secateurs

For an extra 5% Off Gardena Secateurs enter " XMAS1" at the checkout.


Gifts for taking care of your lawn

Next in the list is the Aquazoom S sprinkler.  Getting slightly more expensive and only suitable as a gift for someone who has a a lawn. Sticking to our theme of quality products only, this is the premium choice of the range

The Robotic Lawn Mower !

Buy someone a cut lawn for Christmas.  Fully automatic and perfect for city gardens. This little machine will take care of the lawn all by itself all year round. 

Its not just a gift you will be buying, you will be changing their life with the Gardena sileno City


You could also treat yourself . View the complete range


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