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Best Quality Garden Hose

Best Quality Garden Hose

Tired of constantly replacing your garden hose? Take a look at our comparison of the top Hozelock hose vs the top Gardena hose. Hopefully we can help you to to find the best quality garden hose that will last for years to come.

In case you haven't heard of the brands we are comparing here is a little bit of information on both.

Hozelock is a UK brand founded on an airfield in 1959, in the village of Haddenham and is now located in Birmingham. Hozelock is the biggest hose supplier in the UK with around 80% of the market. 

Gardena is based in Ulm/Germany and was founded in 1961 and is the largest brand in Europe. It supplies its products to over 80 countries worldwide. In the UK they supply around 5% of the market.

Both brands have a top spec hose in there ranges. To compare we will list the main features and also show you a short video on the antikink properties of each hose.

Hozelock have the called there best hose the Ultimate Hose


Its aim is to be the best by any measure ultra light, flexible and robust.

Its main stand out features are:

  • Frost and UV protection,
  • Made from 40% recycled PVC
  • Soft flex technology
  • Anti kink technology  
  • 30 year warranty

Gardena top of the range hose is called the Superflex hose

This hose also tries to be the best by any measure. Lightweight, strong and provides solid connections due to its power grip profile.


 Features of the Gardena superflex hose:
  • Frost and UV protection
  • Burst pressure of 35 Bar
  • Power grip profile for secure connections.
  • Anti kink
  • 30 year warranty

There's no doubt that both hoses are good products but we believe there are few differences that we can highlight that will help you to decide which is the best quality garden hose. 

The main differences.

The colour!

The Hozelock ultimate hose is a bright yellow and the Gardena supeflex hose is mixture of orange, black and grey. Up to the individual to decide what they like in there garden. 

The physical feel of the hose in your hand. 

The Superflex hose has a solid feel with a very slightly ribbed surface which provides securer connections. The Ultimate hose has a smooth exterior surface and feels more flexible.


Prices can change but in general you will pay more for the Gardena superflex vs the Hozelock ultimate. 

The hose kink test



 We hope this has helped you decide on the which garden hose is the best quality. Ready to buy Gardena or Hozelock garden hose pipe?  View our garden hose pipe collection

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