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Hose reel for pressure washer

Hose reel for pressure washer

Good pressure washer performance requires a good water supply, and best way to achieve this is with a good quality hose reel.  A premium quality hose reel for pressure washer will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of the machine.

A good domestic pressure washer, such as the Stihl RE90 may require an input of over 500 litres per hour and this output can only be achieved through an input hose that is capable of allowing enough flow.  Using a low budget hose reel for a pressure washer will result in underperformance.

At Mincost we recommend the Gardena range of hose reel for a pressure washer application.  The Gardena hose is strong and durable, and is much less likely to allow restrictions whether on or off the reel.  We know that the performance of the pressure washer is more likely to be what it was designed to be.

 A poor quality hose pipe that collapses and kinks when in use will restrict the flow.  If you have a longer length of this hose each kink or twist will add to the overall restriction and the feed to the pressure washer will be reduced considerably.  If the hose is rolled onto the hose reel the effect could be even worse because the hose is flattened and possibly twisted on the drum.

A restricted flow reduces the available water for the pressure washer pump and the amount of water made available for the pump is reduced.  Once this happens the pump will often cavitate – there is a vacuum where there should be water.  This reduces the actual performance below the capability of the pressure washer, and it’s not good for the pump, or your temper.

Gardena Hose Reels

The Gardena hose reels are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.  They are superb for domestic use, and the best option as a hose reel for a pressure washer because they are designed and supplied with hoses that are extremely pressure resistant and always keep their shape.

These robust hose reels have hoses made from high-quality mesh textile.  They do not fail and can be relied upon not to leak or restrict the flow of water.  Maximum water flow is ensured.

UV-resistant materials ensure that the Gardena hose will not deteriorate when left exposed to sunshine.  It will perform as new for many years in use.

The angled hose connection on the inside of the reel prevents the hose from bending. This consistently guarantees maximum water flow.

A 5-year warranty ensures high quality.  The warranty against manufacturing defect or failure of materials is a good indication that the Gardena engineers in the German factory are completely confident in the quality standards of their hose reels.

The original Gardena System fittings and connecting devices are superbly engineered to allow quick release connection with no leaks and no failure. 

Of course a good hose trolley is useful for other jobs as well as supplying the pressure washer.  All of the design features are to make transporting, storing and using the reel as simple and easy as possible.  But as a hose reel for pressure washer they are undoubtedly the best product available.

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