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hose extension

How to extend a garden hose

Extending your garden hose is a fairly easy task although there are a couple of ways you can do it. First you need to decide if its a permanent or temporary extension.  

For a more permanent extension of your hose we would suggest you use a Hose Repairer

Hose repairer

To join the hose you insert the hose ends into each side of the repairer and twist the connection until tight. That's it!

As the name suggest this would also be the method for repairing a damaged hose except you would cut the damaged section away before inserting the hose repairer in the gap.

If your looking for a more versatile option of extending your hose then you should use a hose extension joint

hose extension joint

This option requires you have hose connectors on each end of the hose. Simply push your push-fit hose connectors onto the extension joint. The quick release connectors mean adjusting your hoses length takes a matter of seconds. If you want a connection which doesn't release all the water when you release the connector then use a water stop


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