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Gardena Connection Hose Set 18011-20

Tap Connection Hose

Gardena supply their hose reel kits without a connection hose as standard but with a set of fittings to allow connection to the tap.  A piece of hose should be cut from the reel of sufficient length to allow you to place the hose reel where it is required.  This may be just adjacent to the tap, or it may be further away - the choice is yours.  You can make this as long, or as short as you like and the end fittings are then attached to the cut length and your hose reel is ready to use.  If you wish to purchase a ready made Gardena connection hose it is available as Gardena Connection Set Classic 13mm (1/2") 1.5m 18011-20 or, if you prefer Gardena's highest quality connection hose as Connection Set FLEX 13mm (1/2") 1.5m 18040-20
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