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The Gardena Sileno Robot Mower

The Gardena Sileno Robot Mower

Gardena Sileno robot mowers are smart!  A Gardena robot mower can eliminate the time consuming hard work of manual lawn mowing.  By installing a Gardena Sileno robot you can have a smart healthy lawn, easily maintained with no effort. 

The smart Gateway

The smart Gateway is the heart of the smart system.  It allows communication between your robot mower, other smart devices, and the Gardena smart app on your phone or computer.  The smart App is used to program mowing times which can, if necessary, be set to avoid the watering times of the smart Water Control, or any other smart System device.  The smart System can even control a number of separate sprinkler circuits via a set of Gardena Irrigation Valves, and coordinate with your mowing times.

Efficient mowing

The Gardena Sileno robot has a random travelling pattern, and this allows it to find every corner of a garden. It can easily handle wet and rainy conditions, as well as difficult terrain, including slopes, and even temporary obstacles like pinecones, fruit, or kids toys.  

Low noise

Gardena Sileno robot mowers are so quiet that they can work during the night without disturbing anyone.

A healthy lawn

The Gardena robot will routinely cut the grass as it grows, and this is the best way to maintain a lawn.  Ordinary mowing usually takes off several centimetres which are then collected and removed - it’s tedious work and often not pretty.  Robot mowers leave tiny clippings that you won’t notice; they can be left to naturally mulch down into the soil, fertilizing the lawn.  The lawn looks beautiful, all the time.

Finds its way home

Garden robots are guided by boundary wires that you can lay easily yourself.  We have experienced installers available for advice, if you need it.  The wires bed down into the lawn and become un-noticeable within a few weeks.  The Sileno robot will cut randomly but completely in the area you have defined. 

Automatic charging

Gardena Sileno robot mowers have an internal battery that is automatically recharged in a docking station.  This is powered from a standard 240 volt mains socket. When it is finished mowing the Sileno will automatically return to the recharging station, no need for you to do anything.

Free up your time.

Gardena Smart System is a proven technology that works.  The robot mower will do all the work, automatically, around the clock - it can work day or night, rain or shine, and you get your free time back!

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