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What is Gardena Pipeline ?

What is Gardena Pipeline ?

Gardena Pipeline

Gardena pipeline is a series of pipes, connectors and sockets that allow you to distribute water around your garden. 

The main components of pipeline are the 25mm connecting pipe, the T and L connectors which allow you to join the pipes and also add in components such as sprinklers. The connecting point is like an electrical socket but for water and is the start of the underground pipe circuit.  


How pipeline helps you

Pipeline is ideal if you are fed up with dragging a long hose out every time you want to use water around your garden. It also helps to reduce the chances of tripping over hose laid on the lawn.  

Due to the changes in the way we look after are gardens another new benefit to having the underground pipeline installed is it wont get in the way of your robotic lawn mower!  Robotic lawn mowers cut everyday to keep your lawn in perfect shape so a hose left on the lawn might get damaged. 

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