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Why choose Husqvarna battery series?

Why choose Husqvarna battery series?

Maximum flexibility

Husqvarna battery system can be used on all battery series products making them extremely flexible The batteries have features which prolong lifespan and allow them to be run and recharged continuously. Always ready to use.

High performance

Powerful compact long-life Husqvarna developed motors with low weight offer instant and equal torque no matter what the operating speed. This results in performance which exceeds petrol equivalent machines. Our brushless motors also offer 90% efficiency for maximum runtime.

Saves you money

Costing as little as 4p to recharge a battery, the machines have a much lower cost to operate compared to petrol equivalents. The benefits are even higher when used professionally or full time.

Easy to use

low weight and excellent balance make the products extremely comfortable to handle. The machines are switched On and OFF at the push of a button via the unique keypad making them effortless to start and also protected against accidental activation.

Professional durability

Husqvarna has used its vast experience of what is required to meet the needs of professional use, all of the 500 series battery products are put through the same duration lab test procedures as there 500 series 2-stroke petrol products. 

Healthier work

with no direct emissions husqvarna battery products are clean and pleasant to use. This is especially beneficial when working in confined spaces and allows safe use in covered and indoor areas.

Low noise

Husqvarna's battery products are up to 18db (A) lower noise than petrol equivalents. A reduction of 3db (A) is seen as half the noise level. This makes for a comfortable work environment and low disturbance for others. enabling the possibility to work in noise sensitive areas. 

All weather use

Husqvarnas 400 and 500 series products can be used in the most demanding weather conditions. The seaeled motors, electronics and batteries protect against ingress of dirt and moisture allowing you to keep working.

Comfortable use

with less moving parts husqvarna battery products offer lower levels of vibration when compared to equivalent petrol machines. This allows the machines to be used for longer periods maximising work output whilst increasing comfort. 



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