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What's it like to have a robot lawn mower cutting your lawn?

What's it like to have a robot lawn mower cutting your lawn?

Having a robot lawn mower is like having a reliable quiet gardener working  every day to keep your lawn looking its best. You will achieve that freshly cut look every day.

The robotic lawn mower operates completely independently.

  • It will cut during the hours you specify each day.
  • It returns to charge all by its self 
  • The cuttings aren't collected into a grass box like a traditional mower, instead they are so small they filter in-between the grass and act as a fertilizer for the lawn.

What interaction do you need to have with the robot lawn mower for it to work....

Well the concept means you don't have to do much at all. 

  • You need to do the initial set up which involves putting a wire around the perimeter of your lawn as well as any obstacles that might cause the mower a problem. Gardena's robot mower comes with step by step instructions. 
  • You need to change the robot mowers blades. (roughly every two months and its a 5 min job to do)

As long as your robot lawn mower is set up correctly it will be the best investment in your lawn care you have made. Here at Mincost Ltd we have sold hundreds and we are very committed to all of our robot mower customers having a good experience. 

We are more than happy to help with advice and support before and after your purchase.

 The brands we currently supply are both under the Husqvarna platform - Gardena Sileno and the Husqvarna Automower.  

305 Automower

 Here is one of our robotic lawn mowers looking around its new home. Picture was taken the first day the robot mower started to cut the grass. We look forward to seeing a picture of your robot lawn mower in operation.

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