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Husqvarna Robot Mower Automower Aspire・R4

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Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4 

 The Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4 is an advanced robotic lawnmower designed to maintain lawns with a working area capacity of up to 400 m². It operates using a wire boundary system, allowing it to mow within predefined limits effectively. With a maximum % slope performance of 10% at the boundary and 25% inside the installation, it can handle moderately uneven terrains.

  • Product Features:

    • Working Area Capacity: The Automower® Aspire™ R4 can cover an area of approximately 400 m², with a tolerance of ±20%.
    • Boundary Type: The lawnmower utilizes a wire-based boundary system to stay within the designated mowing area.
    • Maximum Slope Performance: It can operate on slopes up to 10% at the boundary and up to 25% inside the installation.
    • Max Active Time: The lawnmower can work continuously for up to 9 hours before requiring a recharge.
    • Search System: Equipped with a single search system to efficiently navigate the mowing area.
    • Follow Guide: The lawnmower features a follow guide function to assist in its pathfinding.
    • Charging System: The charging process is fully automatic, ensuring the lawnmower is always ready for operation.

    Product Dimensions:

    • Weight: The Automower® Aspire™ R4 weighs 5.9 kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle.
    • Product Size (Length x Width x Height): 55 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm, providing a compact and space-efficient design.

    Product Data:

    • Colour: The lawnmower is available in a stylish grey color.
    • Sound Level Perceived: It operates at a perceived sound level of 59 dB(A), ensuring minimal noise disturbance.
    • Protection Index (IP Code): The Automower® Aspire™ R4 has an IPX5 protection index, indicating resistance to water splashes.
    • Battery Type: It is equipped with a reliable Lithium-ion battery.
    • Battery Capacity: The lawnmower has a battery capacity of 2 Ah, offering extended operation time.
    • Charging Current: It requires a charging current of 1 A.
    • Typical Mow Time on One Charge: The lawnmower can mow continuously for approximately 70 minutes on a single charge.
    • Typical Charging Time: It takes around 75 minutes to recharge the battery fully.
    • Mean Energy Consumption per Month at Maximum Use: The lawnmower consumes an average of 3 kWh of energy per month during maximum use.
    • Mean Energy Consumption at Maximum Use: It consumes energy equivalent to the mowing of a 400 m² area at maximum use.

    Cutting System:

    • Cutting System: The Automower® Aspire™ R4 features a cutting system with 3 pivoting razor blades.
    • Cutting Height Range: It can be adjusted to cut grass between 20 mm and 45 mm in height.
    • Cutting Width: The lawnmower has a cutting width of 16 cm, allowing for efficient and precise cutting.
    • Cutting Height Adjustment: The cutting height adjustment is manual.
    • Skid Plate: There is no skid plate included with this model.
    • Dual Cutting Direction: The lawnmower can cut in both forward and reverse directions.


    • User Interface: It features a keypad and can also be controlled through an app.
    • Display: The lawnmower does not have a built-in display.
    • Connectivity: Connectivity options include Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi.
    • App Controlled: The Automower® Aspire™ R4 can be controlled and monitored via the Automower® Connect app.
    • Smart Home Integration: It supports integration with smart home systems.
    • Firmware Update: The lawnmower can receive firmware updates through FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) technology.


    • GPS Theft Tracking: The lawnmower does not have GPS theft tracking functionality.
    • GeoFence: It does not include a GeoFence feature for defining specific boundaries.
    • PIN Code: A PIN code can be set to ensure unauthorized access to the lawnmower.
    • Alarm: There is no built-in alarm system.
    • Lift Sensor: It is equipped with a lift sensor that stops the blades when the lawnmower is lifted.
    • Tilt Sensor: The lawnmower has a tilt sensor to detect and respond to tilting or tipping.
    • Object Detection: There is no object detection feature available.