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Gardena Comfort Hanging Basket Spray Lance 90cm

by Gardena
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SKU 18335-20

Comfort spray lance for watering plants, in hanging baskets and in difficult to reach areas

The GARDENA Comfort Spray Lance is great for watering plants in hanging baskets, or those that are hard to access.  There are two different spray modes and it is possible to select between a gentle soft spray and a bubble jet spray.  Both of these modes are specifically aimed at watering plants rather than cleaning.  If you require continuous water flow you can quickly and easily lock the pulse trigger on or off.  

The ergonomic handle with soft plastic elements is nice to hold. The trigger button with integrated lock, as well as the single-finger control of the water flow make watering easy.  

The hanger attachment allows quick and easy storage.

The total length of 90 cm and an additional tiltable head help make it possible to water  difficult to reach positions.

  • Gardena Spray Lance 90cm
  • Tiltable spray head
  • 2 spray modes: soft spray and bubble jet
  • Frost and UV protection
  • Simple on/off trigger
  • Thumb lever for variable flow
  • Trigger lock on
  • Water flow can be shut-off
  • Gardena 5 year  warranty
  • Manufactured in Germany by Gardena
  • Gardena Article Number: 18335