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Gardena Pop-up Sprinkler MD180

by Gardena
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SKU 8233-20

The GARDENA Pop-up Sprinkler MD180 is designed to connect into the Gardena sprinklersystem and is a great solution for automatic irrigation of medium lawns up to 180 m².  It has a rotary nozzle.

One of the key benefits of this sprinkler is its precision, which ensures that the irrigation is always even and accurate, regardless of the spray range. This helps you save water and prevents your lawn from drying out.

Another advantage is the sprinkler's ergonomic design, which allows you to adjust the spray area effortlessly and without the need for tools. You can adjust the spray range between 5m and 7.5m, making it perfect for narrow areas.

The Pop-up Sprinkler MD180 also features an integrated filter, which protects it from dirt and other debris that can cause damage or reduce its efficiency.

Overall, the GARDENA Pop-up Sprinkler MD180 is a reliable and water-efficient solution for maintaining a green and healthy lawn. Its compatibility with other GARDENA Sprinklersystem products makes it easy to install and use, and it remains discreet and unobtrusive in your garden.

  • The Pop-up Sprinkler MD180 is ideal for automatically irrigating medium lawns of 95m² to 180m².
  • The sprinkler gives a rotary spray pattern for a low precipitation rate.
  • Spray area can be adjusted between 80 and 360° without any tools.
  • The spraying range can be adjusted between 5m and 7.5m.
  • The integrated filter protects the sprinkler from dirt.
  • Connects via a 1/2" female thread which allows for easy integration into an existing Gardena sprinklersystem installation.
  • Compatible pipeline connection fittings: 2780-20  2782-20  2786-20
  •  Article Number: 8233-20