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Gardena Solar powered irrigation aquabloom set

by Gardena
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SKU 13300-20

 Water your plants with automated irrigation when you don't have a mains power supply or mains water supply. 

The easy five-step setup process

  • Place the Aquabloom in the sun
  • Cut tubes to the correct length
  • Attached and place drips heads into the plant pots
  • Fill the bucket with water
  • Choose the Aquabloom program which suites your needs

    If you struggle to find time to water plants then automate your watering using a solar-powered irrigation system. With GARDENA AquaBloom your plants and flowers will get the optimum supply of water during seasons.
    The system requires no tap and no electricity, power comes from solar, and the water gets pumped from a bucket or some other water container.
    Its a ready-to-use irrigation system consisting of a 3-in-1-main unit. It combines a pump to draw water, a control unit to define the irrigation schedule and a solar panel that feeds the included rechargeable batteries. The 14 pre-defined watering programs let you still be in control of the watering of up to 20 plants with the help of pressure-compensation drippers. Each dripper can cater up to 300 ml. Don't forget to make use of the very convenient and flexible placement of the AquaBloom. Choose a sunny place for the control unit: hang it on a flowerpot, place it on a table or fix it on a wall. The installation of AquaBloom is simple and tool-free!
    Easy five-step setup.

     Gardena Article Number: 13300-20



    • 1 x Main-Unit with integrated pump and solar panel,
    • 20 x 0.5 l/h pressure-equalizing Inline Drip Heads,
    • 15 x 3/16" Pipe Pegs,
    • 3 x rechargeable AA batteries 1.2 V 2,400 mAh,
    • 8 x 3/16" T-Pieces,
    • 8 x 3/16" Plugs,
    • 1 x Filter,
    • 20 m 3/16" Tube.