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Replacing 450x, 430x, 420 Automower charging station Circuit board

Replacing 450x, 430x, 420 Automower charging station Circuit board

Here is the step by step guide for how to replace the charging station circuit board in your 4 series Automower charging station. You may ned to do this if you have no light on your charging station and you have checked that the transformer and low voltage cable are both working. Another time you might have a faulty circuit board that needs replacement is when you a have a blue flashing light on the charging station and you have no breaks in the perimeter cable. 

1.Ok so the first step is you need to remove the hood off the charging station. You do this by unscrewing the 2 torx screws with a T20 torx Screwdriver

2. Carefully lift the hood forward and upwards. Be careful not to pull to far as you will need to disconnect the cables connecting the circuit board to the hood.

3. After you have disconnected the cables you can remove the circuit board. There are small plastic tabs that you to push back gently to release the board.

4. Get the replacement 450x,430,320 Circuit board and place it into the charging station. Be careful not to touch components on the board as they are easily damaged. 

5. Assemble the charging station in reverse order.

6. Place your Automower in the charging station. Go to the main menu on your automower and select security option. (picture or a padlock). Go to Advanced and generate new loop signal to pair your automower with the charging station.

That's it. hopefully your Automower is back up and running.

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