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Automower Wheel Motor Blocked

At some point during your Automowers life you are likely to get the message wheel motor blocked? 

Here are the most likely reasons for this message.

  • Debris is caught underneath the chassis and preventing the wheel from turning (check underneath and remove any obstructions)
  • The nut holding the wheel onto the wheel motor has come loose (Pry of the centre cap to make sure the nut is secure)

  • The wheel motor has failed (If you have checked the nut and the wheel turns freely or is completely stuck then its most likely a failed wheel motor)
  • More serious problem with the main circuit board. ( If you turn the wheel by hand it should rotate with equal resistance all the way round. check to make sure both wheel motors feel the same. If they do then it might not be a failed wheel motor. Right and left wheel motors are identical so the easiest way to find out is to swap them over and test again. If you can get them both to work you might have a problem with the main board.)


If you have established a failed wheel motor then take a look at our how to replace an Automower 430x/450x wheel motor guide. If you have a smaller 310,315 or 315x then take a look here. Wheel motors are a sealed unit so you do have to replace rather than repair them.

If your unsure or you have confirmed the wheel motors work but you still get a wheel motor blocked message then get in touch with our workshop.

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