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Stihl RG-KM KombiTool

by Stihl
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Introducing the STIHL KM-RG Rotary Cutting Head: A versatile attachment engineered for efficient weed and grass removal across diverse surfaces such as gravel, asphalt, and paved areas. Here's what sets this rotary cutting head apart:


Efficient Weed and Grass Removal: Precision-engineered to swiftly eradicate unwanted weeds and grass growth, making it perfect for maintaining gravel driveways, clearing pathways, or tidying up paved surfaces.

Compatibility with Kombi Engines: Seamlessly integrates with various STIHL Kombi Engines, including KM91R, KM94R, KM111R, KM131R, and KMA130R, ensuring effortless integration into your existing equipment setup for added flexibility and convenience.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand the demands of outdoor work, this rotary cutting head boasts a sturdy construction that can tackle tough vegetation removal tasks while maintaining peak performance and durability.

Versatile Applications: Beyond weed and grass removal, this attachment excels at edging, light brush clearing, and enhancing the cleanliness and appearance of diverse surfaces.

The STIHL KM-RG Rotary Cutting Head is a valuable asset for both homeowners and professionals, simplifying the task of maintaining well-groomed, weed-free outdoor spaces. Whether you're tackling landscaping projects or property maintenance, this attachment ensures your outdoor areas always look their best.